Brasilians love football but protest against inequality and corruption

I was in a state of disbelief when i heard that Brasil, a country who worships their national football team are protesting over hosting the famous world cup event in their own country. That was because i was ignorant about the orgnaization FIFA and recent developments in Brazil.


Info sources:

Info sources:

FIFA an irresponsible organization

There are dark clouds of big allegations and human rights violations above FIFA, some of them are:

FIFA did not feel responsible to answer the allegations and address and solve the human right situations. During last world cup in South Africa FIFA introduced its own courts for quick justice and invaded SA sovereignty , where people were also questioned and sentenced even for doing activities that in any way advertise products other than ones authorized by FIFA.

This time FIFA has “Area of exclusivity”  where only FIFA authorized companies can sell and advertise their products and services.  It is a huge loss of income for informal workers in Brasil. Plus the ban on beer has been lifted up for the festivities, because FIFA wants it. The country proud of their sovereignty is now invaded by new rules without the will of people.

Brasil government not delivering

Brasil has spend 3 times more than the budget over building the infrastructure for this world cup. The people are mad , because of the public infrastructure neglection of Brasilian government. They want more investment on education, health and for the good of people rather than the huge amount spent on World cup, when its benefits are very short lived. In the long term there are only expenses related to the stadium maintenance.The prices of the products and services are up, because of huge demand at the moment.

However all this is not enough to take away the love for football for Brasil. The love for football remains there, but the focus to eradicate inequality and corruption is also strong.

If you want to join the protest

If you feel strong against the  practices of FIFA, my advice is to  protest and boycott against its main sponsors:

Visa, Sony, Coca-Cola and Emirates Airlines, Budweiser, Castrol and McDonald’s


MOOCs: Learn without fear

MOOCs will go in history books as  starting of something revolutionary in the 21st century that totally changed the landscape and concept of education. I believe firmly now after going through some courses myself, from the best universities ,professors , and people in practice, and with hardly any  barriers to learning at all.

World of MOOcs

World of MOOcs

One of the best things is no fear of failing ; I can try again, and again until I get the concept and absorb it. Which is the best way to learn, also called successful learning from failure.  I learned some of the stuff, that I would have never thought I would have been able to, thorough persistence.

“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” Michael Jordan

This is how I learned programming thanks to MOOCs, by trying again and again and getting over my fear or I can say training my fear.  I first started with Codeacademy which made me comfortable with coding, with its approach highlighted for  beginners. This site help me built confidence and courage to take on courses such as An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python on Coursera and Web Development on Udacity.

If a person has a will to learn and become something, almost everything is available online thanks to idea to democratize education. Most courses are built to give practical skills for the market and my personal experience is these few months i spent learning from MOOCs has taught me more than my 4 years bachelors. The single most important reason being that I WANTED TO LEARN, which i will stress in my coming posts related to MOOCs.


EU GDP grows slightly, but shows no signs for future recovery.

Eurozone recovery picks up slightly for the last quarter of 2013 with 0.3% growth region wide, but shows no sign for quick future recovery. The EU zone economy will continue to be behind US and China this year and 2015. Main reasons for growth was export and investments, while consumer confidence and spending remains low.

According to Marco Buti, head of economics at EU commission, “As long as debt in several sectors of the e

Eurozone Symbol Press TV

Eurozone Symbol
Press TV

conomy remains too high, unemployment is at record levels and the adjustment of previous imbalances is incomplete, there is a serious risk of growth remaining stuck in low gear,”.

For the first time in three years the all six big EU countries managed quarterly expansion.Germany and France performs better than expected as their GDP expanded 0.4% & 0.3% from previous quarter. Italy was able to grow its GDP by 0.1%, but it was not enough to keep GDP contracting 1.9% for whole 2013. (Euronews)

Netherlands growth until 2015 is not expected to rise as compared to last quarter of 2013(

GroenLinks proposes 32 hour working week

Bram Van Oijk, leader of GroenLinks

Bram Van Oijk, leader of GroenLinks

Labor cost should go low, as there are no jobs but the environment ollution is heavily taxedIf labor is cheap thenmore jobs will come.

Bram Van Oijk, leader of GroenLinks party propose a plan to the cabinet today. The plan suggested 32 hours of work with 4 working days as standard. He point an urgent need to act and create more jobs, as last year there were 134.000 unemployed, where as today it has reached to 678.000 people.

Van Oijk in his plan suggests less work but more job security will create more jobs, as more people will have fair share of job in the market. He put into light that people who currently hold jobs have huge work load and are running back and forth between work and day care.

In addition he also stressed that people on social assistance should have right for training and part-time work.

He also wants to cut on labour cost on employers. According to him, there is no work! But the companies are being heavily taxed for environment pollution, which is not helping in companies employ more people.


New figures: Unemployment rise in all Dutch provinces

Unemployment in Dutch provinces 2011-12

Unemployment in Dutch provinces 2011-12

The figures released by Central Bureau for Statistics on Monday 24-02-2014, shows the highest unemployment hits the province of Flevoland by 10.9%, whereas Groningen and Friesland follows in top three.

Amongst the four big municipalities Rotterdam has the highest unemployment rate of 14% and the rate for Amsterdam is rising sharply.

Zuid-Holland unemployment rate has eased, as last year the province was in top three and in 2013 it has fallen to fourth position with the rate of 9%.

Zeeland has the lowest rate, like in previous years with 5.8%. The total unemployment rate in Netherlands is 8.3% in 2013.


Grim Future for PostNL

PostNL rates decline by 20% after warning for profit decline in 2015 is published. Digitalisation of mail flow is the big reason for the forecast. The mail volume is expected to decline by 12% in coming years.

There has been no reaction from CEO Herna Verhagen yet. PostNL posted a loss of € 170 million, primarily because of selling its 15% stake of TNT Express last year. Disregarding TNT Express loss, the profit is € 164 million, which 26% lower than last time.

There will be an increase in cuts of € 75 million, without any cut in labour force. While , there was an announcement last year about reorganization of PostNL, which will lead to 3000 job losses.

PostNL needs a positive equity in order to pay dividends and wants to achieve credit rating of BBB + / Baa1


Q4 2013 results shakes investors confidence

Investors in Dutch equities were expecting that economic recovery will gain momentum, but the new Q4 result has put the investors’ optimism to test.

In the 2nd half of 2013, the expectation grew, that recovery is near, when AEX jumped up by 23% and stock prices went up for small and medium size businesses. Dutch stock prices rose relatively, which would not have been a problem if investors’ expectation were met.

The turnover for companies in Q4 also declined compared to previous year. Total turnover decline by 1% for all Dutch funds. KPN posted its biggest decline by -14%, while Shell and TomTom decline by 7%.The total net profit of the stock market is down, as Shell made several billions less and AirFrance made around 1 billion less profit.

The low figures, raise question on how justified was the stock rally?


If the net loss of AirFrance and Shell is disregarded, most of the Dutch companies have better net results than previous year., which shows that Q4 for 2012 was worst. The operational profits rise up with 6%, giving hope.

Currency effect

For most companies selling in emerging market the turnover was low because of currency effects. It suppressed the turnover by 4 %, as Dutch company that produce in Netherlands and sells in emerging market, makes profit in weak currency and all of its  costs are in Euro.