Facebook joins in World Cup Spirit by adding fun stuff- Facebook Trending

Just noticed a new addition to my Facebook newsfeed real estate Facebook Trending.

Facebook Trending

Facebook Trending

According to Facebook, the new area shows  “topics and hashtags that are being talked about on Facebook” which currently and mostly likely till the end of  World Cup will be football.  So Facebook  tries to make sure, you do not miss the score, while you stay on Facebook, and to  make Facebook as your primary platform to share your real emotions and excitement with your status updates and other tools with the world.

World Cup Fans on Facebook

Fan app

Facebooks also adds extra fun for fans, in this Facebook app you can see the famous players and their fan distribution throughout world. Furthermore, Facebook Ref page shows a funny video update everytime a goal is scored.



This new tools utilizes the hash tag tool to good use to screen the most trending stories. The trending place is a heaven for advertisers, and good money for Facebook. Attractiveness for business to put in the advertisement in between the trending posts from the trending section is huge and Facebook will gain a lot from it.

For users its more addiction, the fun apps, page and interactivity, makes it easier, faster and fun way to share social and emotional aspect of the matches with vast population. Please share your opinions about it!